The true heroes of New Life are those who volunteer.

Everything we do is accomplished through the efforts of our volunteers. Please scan our list of volunteer opportunities that will help you find purpose and get connected. If you are interested in any volunteer position or have any questions, please fill out the form below and click send!
Servolution: Servolution is at the heart of New Life Church for building bridges to the community. Through our Servolution efforts, we serve our friends and neighbors through tangible acts of kindness. This is an easy way for you to see firsthand the culture of New Life, as well as experience the joy of giving unto others. If you love to help others, then this is for you. Check out the events page for upcoming Servolution events. A confidential background check may be required.
Cleaning: The Cleaning volunteer serves in a capacity that helps maintain a clean facility. Responsibilities include changing the garbage cans, vacuuming the sanctuary, KidZone and nursery, cleaning the windows of the front doors, cleaning the bathrooms & kitchen areas, refilling paper products & soap dispensers, sweeping and mopping floors. Typically you are asked to clean once every 6/7 weeks. Cleaning times are flexible to work with the volunteer’s schedule. If you like to serve behind the scenes and love cleanliness, then considering joining this area of service.
Nursery: The Nursery volunteer helps to provide a safe, fun environment for children ages 6months to 4years old. Some of the responsibilities include maintain positive interaction between children, following secure check-in and check-out procedure and cleaning up after all children have departed. If you love being around babies and infants then this is for you. A confidential background check is required.
KidZone: The KidZone volunteer can be a teacher or a helper. This ministry is for children ages 5-11yrs old and begins right after the worship service. Some of the responsibilities include sharing a Bible story & memory verse, overseeing a game and/or craft, maintain positive interaction among children, and cleaning up the room after children have departed. If you love being around children then this is for you. A confident background check is required.
Greeting: The Greeter is a front-line volunteer. They are responsible with greeting every person who walks in the door and providing basic information where everything is. The individual must be friendly, outgoing and not afraid of strangers.
Usher: The Usher volunteer will help in the following areas: find proper seating for those entering the sanctuary, and participate on a scheduled basis with the collection & counting of offerings and distribution of communion.
Hospitality: The Hospitality volunteer will serve during the fellowship time between the first and second service (10-10:30AM). On a rotation basis you will be apart of the team that brings refreshments, helps setting everything up and assist with the cleaning after fellowship time is over. If you love cooking and providing refreshments for people then this is the place for you!
Prayer Counselors: The Prayer Counselor volunteer is someone who will provide counseling and prayer at the altar during specific times of the services. If you have a desire to pray for others and a knowledge of God’s Word then this may be the place for you.